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anyone using ox app suite ?

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Hi all,

Thanks for sharing your feedback on the OX App Suite offering, particularly with regards to the email service. We've been sharing this with the OX team, and we hear your comments loud and clear.

We've worked with customers and OX directly on the problem, and in December 2021, OX upgraded to the latest and greatest version of its AVAS software. Since then we’re happy to say the results have been extremely promising; as spam issues have subsided significantly. 

Our apologies for the inconvenience you may have experienced in the past, but the feedback we're getting since the upgrade is much more positive.

We'd love for you to try OX App Suite again, and we're currently running a 100% Rebate offer on all orders placed before the end of March: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/promotions



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Hi there,

On 06/09/2022 at 05:34, Arar2 said:

hi guys, may I know how many emails can we send per hour using ox app suite?

At the time of writing this, we have been told that the limits are:

  • 500 / hour and 5000 / day for total number of emails, and
  • 100 recipients per email limit as well

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Hi there,

Having tested the OX App Suite for a few weeks, I find it is a fairly good product for the price, but there are some major and some minor drawbacks...

  • A user can't reset their password. Whilst it is possible to reset a password from the client end of WHMCS, an email account user can't do that within the OX App Suite. This means that the main contact in WHMCS can login to all the users' email account without them knowing about it. This is a major privacy issue. cPanel has a similar problem when it comes to email accounts and I was hoping that the Suite would be an option for people requiring more privacy for their email accounts. I fail to understand why WHMCS would not implement this feature as it is available as part of the OX Cloud package from Open-Exchange, at least it is shown as existing on their demo. It looks like it has been disabled in the package resold by WHMCS.
  • The anti-spam filter doesn't seem to forward all spam to the spam folder so there appears to be no way to find out if legitimate emails have been blocked. When I first tested the suite, it was with a domain using SpamExperts. I noticed on the SpamExperts logs that some legitimate emails forwarded by SpamExperts had been blocked by the OX Suite completely, never reaching the suite. It could be an incompatibility between the two system so I have disconnected SpamExperts, but it makes me think that other emails might get blocked.
  • The transfer of files from/to OX Drive, using the OX App Suite can be very slow although the Drive Sync App is a bit faster.
  • Calendar week view starts on Sunday, this can only be changed if you use work view.
  • It is not possible to update calendars synced from Google, only viewing them is available.

Unfortunately, the first and second points are deal breakers for me.


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