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Update to 8.0.1 failed but did it or not?

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Used the auto updater to update to V8.0.1. After a few minutes got update failed message like in image.

Recommended values are all met or exceed the requirements. Went to admin area and got message to delete install folder. Weird thing is tried to check the error log file and there was none there. Deleted the install folder and update screen shows that 8.0.1 is installed.

So, was the update successful or failed? Without that success message you are left wondering¬†ūü§Ē

Had already applied some hotfixes but checked a few of the other issues and they seem to be resolved.

update failed.png


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33 minutes ago, xyzulu said:

I would do a manual overwrite of the files using the 8.0.0 to 8.0.1 patch to be sure.

Yes I think this may be the best thing to do. Had a previous update in the past do something similar and it caused huge days long headaches as issues began to show up. Don't understand why it does this though. Thanks

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here are the entries from my tblupdatelog:

Writing lock file {"time_lapse":67,"memory_usage":"38.5 MB","memory_peak_usage":"38.5 MB"}
> WHMCS\Installer\Composer\Hooks\ComposerInstallerHook::postUpdateCmd {"time_lapse":67,"memory_usage":"38.5 MB","memory_peak_usage":"38.5 MB"}
------------------------------------- {"time_lapse":67,"memory_usage":"38.5 MB","memory_peak_usage":"38.5 MB"}
WHMCS Installation/Update Assistant {"time_lapse":67,"memory_usage":"38.5 MB","memory_peak_usage":"38.5 MB"}
------------------------------------- {"time_lapse":67,"memory_usage":"38.5 MB","memory_peak_usage":"38.5 MB"}
An existing installation has been found - updating... {"time_lapse":67,"memory_usage":"38.5 MB","memory_peak_usage":"38.5 MB"}
Preparing to relocate WHMCS core files... {"time_lapse":67,"memory_usage":"38.5 MB","memory_peak_usage":"38.5 MB"}
Skipping: admin {"time_lapse":67,"memory_usage":"38.5 MB","memory_peak_usage":"38.5 MB"}
Skipping: crons {"time_lapse":67,"memory_usage":"38.5 MB","memory_peak_usage":"38.5 MB"}
Skipping: attachments {"time_lapse":67,"memory_usage":"38.5 MB","memory_peak_usage":"38.5 MB"}
Skipping: templates_c {"time_lapse":67,"memory_usage":"38.5 MB","memory_peak_usage":"38.5 MB"}
Skipping: downloads {"time_lapse":67,"memory_usage":"38.5 MB","memory_peak_usage":"38.5 MB"}
Relocating WHMCS core files... {"time_lapse":67,"memory_usage":"38.5 MB","memory_peak_usage":"38.5 MB"}
File signature was validated {"time_lapse":20,"memory_usage":"38.5 MB","memory_peak_usage":"38.5 MB"}
File hash was validated. Hash: 69e39362da99862d0fd38ce9e3200c36d572fa7dc09e7b880b9fb2764f4fca8b {"time_lapse":19,"memory_usage":"38.5 MB","memory_peak_usage":"38.5 MB"}
Certificate used for signature validation was loaded and validated {"time_lapse":20,"memory_usage":"38.5 MB","memory_peak_usage":"38.5 MB"}
-100% {"time_lapse":19,"memory_usage":"38.5 MB","memory_peak_usage":"38.5 MB"}
Validating /home/pkaancob/public_html/my.freecomputercheckup.ca/vendor/whmcs/whmcs/7bb509ae0bb4146750e4c9f14b326e15.zip {"time_lapse":19,"memory_usage":"38.5 MB","memory_peak_usage":"38.5 MB"}
Updating dependencies {"time_lapse":4,"memory_usage":"36.5 MB","memory_peak_usage":"38.5 MB"}
Package operations: 1 install, 0 updates, 0 removals {"time_lapse":4,"memory_usage":"38.5 MB","memory_peak_usage":"38.5 MB"}
- Installing whmcs/whmcs (8.0.1): {"time_lapse":4,"memory_usage":"38.5 MB","memory_peak_usage":"38.5 MB"}
Downloading {"time_lapse":4,"memory_usage":"38.5 MB","memory_peak_usage":"38.5 MB"}
Loading composer repositories with package information {"time_lapse":2,"memory_usage":"32.5 MB","memory_peak_usage":"32.5 MB"}

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On 3/10/2020 at 5:20 PM, WHMCS John said:

Hi @Faizal1

Could you please share the entries from tblupdatelog of this update attempt?

That will shed some light on what happened.

I checked and double checked and don't see any errors at the time of the update.

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@WHMCS John So I did a manual upgrade to v8.0.1 by uploading files and all looked good.

Noticed the v8.0.2 version out today so decided to try the auto upgrade again. But again was left wondering if it fully completed or not.¬†ūü§Ē

  1.  The upgrade started and after a couple of minutes it showed the message that the upgrade was taking longer than expected and if it doesn't finish to refresh the page and try again.
  2.  Decided to give it more time
  3.  Another few minutes went by and got the message that the update failed but it also states that the files and database are up to date. See screenshot
  4.  Went to website/install and it shows already running v8.0.2. See screenshot

Last line in tblupdatelog shows: 'WHMCS files have been successfully updated.' And no errors.

error_log file shows this error but confirmed the file does exist and was overwritten when the v8.0.1 files were uploaded:

[07-Oct-2020 10:16:10 America/Toronto] PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: Class 'ComposerAutoloaderInitb4a5d1a3aea4fb1c6fbe9a498f8f57a8' not found in /home/XXXXX/xxxxxx.com/vendor/autoload.php:7
Stack trace:
#0 /home/XXXXX/xxxxxx.com/init.php(0): unknown()
#1 /home/XXXXX/xxxxxx.com/init.php(0): gracefulCoreRequiredFileInclude('/vendor/autoloa...')
#2 /home/XXXXX/xxxxxx.com/clientarea.php(0): unknown()
#3 {main}
  thrown in /home/XXXXX/xxxxxx.com/vendor/autoload.php on line 7

So it again looks like the update was completed as I see new files dates and for example the next daily task run does show working now but still just can't get that success message. Thanks for you help.



Edited by Faizal1

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