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HSC: Change User Password v1.0.0 For WHMCS V8

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Allow your staff to change the user password by entering a new password and send it to the user so that he can login. You may get an email from a user asking you to change his password but WHMCS starting from version 8 admin will not have the ability to change the user password from the admin area that’s why we created the change user password module it will allow the admin to go to the client > manage users form the manage user drop-down menu you can select change password.


  • Change password form clients > manage users
  • Change password from client profile > users tab
  • Send email notification to the user
  • Email template
  • One click to change password

For more details and screenshot visit the product page


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We upgraded from v7 to v8, I cannot believe this functionality was lost.  And now we are supposed to pay for an addon to reset a clients password ?

How crazy is this...

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    • By Cartitarul
      WHMCS Version: 8.1.3
      PaysafeCardModule Version:  3.x LINK
      Hi, i try to enable the module on my systems and i cant understand some things.
      What data am i suposed to put in here ? :

      This is how my data on  paysafecard looks like and i didnt recieve any more info via email:

      I dont understand what goes where.
    • By zitu4life
      Hello there
      Our company have tried a lot of WHMCS solutions and approach to get closed to out needs, some did the job done for a while limited and some get closed, but noting solve it all as we have been only adapting things.
      Now we find a solution, a company out there providing this tool as SaaS that will cover ours needs at about 99% which is great, but it is outside WHMCS, despite they have API, but API plan is the most expensive plan there that could get it not viable for our company size to pay that monthly.
      We are prospecting and get a budget from WHMCS experts, as we could decide that if being paying this SaaS monthly and eternally and not so cheap, we could have one module that inside WHMCS will access to all our clients list and whatever we want. If SaaS API do not math our needs we will need again to export cvs files from one place to other for WHMCS new database update.
      This SaaS also has a an App that is very simple with only needed futures (which is a must) that will bring value added, but we could live if we got a browser module that is clean,... but for other side I have see that there is at list one expert in WHMCS app (WHMCS SMARTERS, as they have some apps for WHMCS...
      So if there is skilled and serious developers out there with experience in app development, you are welcome and we will be glad to share more details. We are also open to start using this SaaS monthly for some months to acquire insights that what is most important for our needs to pass it to developer to create a customized module that will provide us everything inside WHMCS and use ours own hosting HARD DRIVE to avoid this SaaS to strike us SPACE  HDD and software.
      We believe that having an app has an extra costs perhaps for maintenance, so we want a developer  that can point us on the right direction and most cost and benefits to decide.
    • By zitu4life
      Electronic invoice is getting mandatory for some country's and perhaps it makes WHMCS invoice acceptable ("officialy for country where exists module for that")
      I know that at least one developer on this community has some expertise on electronic invoice.
      I am prospecting some information regarding electronic invoice for WHMCS.
      If you have some experience in such a development fell free to let your comments here.  I am consider have a hired developer for a project building such a module in a country where electronic invoice is NEW and is expected in one year and half to get it working for the GOVERNMENT.
      At this moment I know that:

      1 - billing software can get integrate with GOVERNMENT website and pass information to that website where it will be generated there (Example: WHMCS will pass invoices generation to GOVERNMENT e-invoices system....this is know as less complex way.
      2. e-invoice will be processed on billing system software according to docs and regulations.
      Currently I am using WHMCS as management system and another accountable system because WHMCS invoices is not official acceptable, so idea is, if electronic invoices can make WHMCS creating invoices officially acceptable, risks for developing such module is viable, as same module can be sold out for other customer.
    • By FatFAtFAt
      Can anyone help me in using hcaptcha instead of recaptcha,
      I am a literal noob in this, if anyone can guide me around, I would be happy :D
    • By lamjed001
      From WHMCS 8.0 i noticed that Custom Field of type password become encrypted, how ?
      when i get Custom Field ( type password ) value via my module to make account with this password i saw that password is encrypted
      i used decrypt($password) it works fine
      but when i change the custom field type to text so decrypt($password) will not work because password already decoded ( original value )
      So my question is : how to get password from custom field ( type text btw this is not encrypted ) and from custom field ( type password encrypted ) because i need my addon to be compatible with both types

      Note : custom field of type text do not encrypt
      custom field of type password it become encrypted
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