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Lara, WHMCS Admin Theme v8.0 Released!

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Just a quick update, today we released Lara v8.3.1 (Maintenance update) , which is fully compatible with WHMCS v8.3.1 (released hours ago!).

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Just a quick update, Lara v8.3.1 is fully compatible with WHMCS v8.3.2(released yesterday).

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Just a quick update, today we released Lara v8.4.0, which is fully compatible with WHMCS v8.4.0 (released 2 days ago!).

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    • By MYGSG - Nicholas S
      Hello fellow WHMCS community members and friends,
      i’m trying to add a new table section on my WHMCS templates specifically for Payment Details so that I can specify and outline the payment details / policy. So far I’ve been successful in creating a tabled version on the template that allows me to show three seperate Collins with three different sets of text relevant that I need to show.
      now I’m trying to add the payment summary/and payment terms/refund terms, however I can’t get the table settings correct. I’m hoping someone can provide an example?
      I require this to be seperate at the bottom of the invoice and not displayed as a “note” as I want to be able to style this accordingly as well. I know I can use the “notes” section on the invoice, however as I’ve said and specified this is not what I’m wanting to achieve.
      looking toward to what others have to say and there respective examples.
      Thanks in advance,
      Kind regards,
      Nicholas Sansom
      Global Group CEO & Managing Director
      Executive Services Division | Global Group
       California United States, 1968 S. Coast Hwy, Suite 5949, Laguna Beach, California
      Brisbane Australia, The Garden, 9/204 Alice Street, Brisbane City, QLD 4000
      Sydney Australia, 50 Clarence Street, Sydney, NSW 2000
       E Nicholas.Sansom@MyGlobalSolutionsGroup.com W www.MyGlobalSolutionsGroup.com
      USA/CA +1 800 318 9529 Australia 1300 310 456 Int 07 3130 2240 D 07 3130 2285 M 0456 884 864
    • By Nelson Neoh
      I have developed an Addon Module (says addOnModule), which requires some custom entry of details (says Domain Name, and/or hosting ID) while placing order.  On Paid, it will then have to write some additional details on a custom table (says tbl_customModule), aim for further management activities.  The module will carries all product under Other (myProductType).
      The module works fine on Customer Panel, but facing issue when Add New Order in Admin Panel.  Hopefully I am able to get some hints/advice from kind people here.
      Q. When admin performed Add New Order in Admin Panel -> Orders -> Add New Order, it can't read my module, but defaulting Product Type as hosting service, although the product name is listed under products options.  I can't find a correct way to overcome this issue.  How can I correct this issue?
      Here's the desired workflow of the Addon Module:
      1. When myProduct picked, it should capture the product type as myProductType.
      2. The custom fields then populate under the product details section (refer to attached sample).

      3. After filled up the form and submit order, it will trigger my module to save required info into tbl_customModule.
      At last, thank you for any input.
      Best Regards,
      Nelson Neoh
    • By Kian
      As you probably know WHMCS v8 no longer provides statistics on top of the page about pending orders, overdue invoices and tickets awaiting reply. This action hook adds them back to interface as you can see from the following screenshot.

      This badge is fully responsive and appears if there's at least one pending order, overdue invoice or ticket awaiting reply. If there's nothing to show it disappears. To avoid any possibility of confusion, the hook automatically detects if you're running v8.
      Get the Code »
    • By WevrLabs
      Hi everyone!
      Since I spend most of my time during the day on the WHMCS admin dashboard, answering tickets, activating services, following up with stuff, etc. I wanted to keep eye strain to a minimum, so I recently created this CSS file to turn our admin area into a dark look and feel.


      Today, I'd like to share with you steps to achieve that.
      The file is compatible with Blend theme of v7.9.2 of WHMCS, I haven't tested it on the other versions yet.
      The process is pretty simple and straightforward  IF YOU HAVEN'T MADE ANY CUSTOMIZATIONS to your Blend theme already.
      So just download the attached file (blend-dark.zip) and extract it anywhere in your computer.

      Next, open the folder and then the "images" folder to locate the (logo-dark.psd) file to edit it by placing your own logo there. Then save it as "logo-dark.gif" replacing the already existing file.

      Now you should end up with a file tree like this ...
      blend |__ css | |__ admin-dark.css | | |__ images | |__ logo-dark.gif | |__ logo-dark.psd | |__ header.tpl  
      Now back top and compress your "blend" folder ... Name it something memorable, like "blend-2222.zip" in this example.

      Next navigate to the "admin" folder inside your WHMCS installation, and open the "templates" folder (based on your customizations, the "admin" folder name may differ, so this here presumes the default setting).
      Next make sure to ZIP and backup your current Blend theme folder (name it something like "blend-original.zip).

      Next, upload the "blend-2222.zip" you compressed earlier to the "templates" folder and unzip it, and you should be all set and ready!

      If you have any notes or additions, please feel free to add!
      Also, any mistakes or errors are unintentional, please feel free to share and highlight them.
      Wishing everyone a good day!
      - Mohamed
    • By vinc1402
      Hello WHMCS, 
      I've done the update to V7.7, now there is the End User License Agreement screen.
      I can accept this 10 times and the page keeps coming back leaving me unable to get into the admin area.
      Any help would be appreciated.
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