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[BX] PDF Invoice Archiving

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In Billing Extension 2.2.133, we renewed the existing plugin that trasmits invoice PDF to a remote FTP server. We extended this concept to emails so that you can achieve the following goals.

First. If you company uses a DMS (Document Management System) you can process invoices as PDF files. The module can store them in a logical folder structure so that your DMS can extrat data from file content, name and dirctory. Here is a list of the available auto-tags:

  • {YEAR} Format yyyy (2020, 2021...)
  • {MONTH} Format mm (10, 11...)
  • {DAY} Format gg (09, 10...)
  • {NUMBER} Invoice number (tblinvoices.invoicenum)
  • {ID} Invoice ID (tblinvoices.id)
  • {TYPE} Document type (Proforma, Invoice, CreditNote)
  • {USERID} User ID
  • {COUNTRY} User country ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 (IT, US, DE...)
  • {CURRENCY} User currency (EUR, USD, AUD...)
  • {PAYMENTMETHOD} Payment gateway system name (paypal, stripe...)

Let us show you two examples. Using {YEAR}/{MONTH}/{CURRENCY}/{COUNTRY}-{NUMBER}.pdf gives the following path/file structure:

  • 2020/04/USD/US-Invoice 120.pdf
  • 2020/04/USD/US-Invoice 121.pdf
  • 2020/04/EUR/IT-Invoice 122.pdf
  • 2020/04/EUR/FR-Invoice 123.pdf

Here's another example with {TYPE}/{PAYMENTMETHOD}/{TYPE}-{ID}.pdf:

  • Proforma/stripe/Proforma-1290.pdf
  • Invoice/stripe/Invoice-1298.pdf
  • CreditNote/paypal/CreditNote-1305.pdf
  • Proforma/banktransfer/Proforma-1354.pdf

The same feature is available for email sending. The module can automatically send all PDF files as attachments via email to multiple recipients (eg. you accountant) on a weekly (every monday) or monthly basis (on the first of every month).


You can customize the way files are stored in the zip as describved previously by simply using auto-tags. This way you no longer need to use Bath PDF Invoice Export to send invoices to your accountant.

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