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I would like someone to help me, my page does not have www. and I try to do the 301 redirection of the url from www to non-www, but no matter how much I added codes that I was finding by google in the htaccess, this redirection is not working. Can anyone help?

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    • By Web Host Pro
      I normally use Automatically take the user to the invoice, just wondering  which is more common and maybe some feedback on why.
    • By startover909
      Anyone else finds the "Already Registered?" button behavior on the checkout page flawed?
      Clicking it triggers JS that simply shows the login username/password boxes without actually letting the user login. 
      So the login is performed at the same time as order submission. The idea is that less clicking and not leaving the checkout page is a good thing. Except that:
      1. Without actually logging in, the user has to enter the credit card manually instead of using the one on file. This defeats one of the most important benefits of being "registered".
      2. If the user enters a credit that is different from the one he has on file, his card on file gets updated without even his knowledge, as no where on the order page suggests that.
      3. If the user made a typo on the password, he does not seem to even get a  password incorrect error message, possibly causing confusion
      Shouldn't the better approach be what every other online store does: clicking "Already Registered" button actually leads user to login page, then redirects back to the checkout page upon successful login?
      Anyone has any idea how to achieve this (the button it self can be edited ini the template I assume, but what about the redirect part?)
    • By paperweight
      My forwardpage.tpl is working fine in theory, however it sometimes hangs for 5-10 seconds before redirecting a user to PayPal if the user has a slow connection.
      I know there is nothing I can do about the hanging, but the problem I have found is because of the hang, users click other links on that page and therefore surf away from the payment redirect. That means they never pay and are stuck and get confused (and angry).
      So my solution is to remove the header and footer from forwardpage.tpl so that it is just the loading.gif and other info in that page. However, I can't figure out how to remove the template header and footer from only that forwardpage.tpl.... any ideas how to do this?
      My goal is to have a very simple and stripped-down forwardpage.tpl so the user must wait for the redirect.
      Thank you~
    • By nonolos
      After many searches, I need your help.
      I would like to know if it's possible, once an order is completed with paypal to avoid seeing the
      but to go directly to
      Thanks for your precious help
    • By Webmaster001
      We have an ajaxcart orderform. If the client makes a mistake and faces an error we want to edit the "error.tpl" so it automatically redirects clients to a known website (for example, http://www.exampledomain.com) with some delay . For example 3 seconds. Or perhaps if we could refresh the page that would be great too so the client can retry entering the information.
      Any suggestion how we can do that?
      - - - Updated - - -
      As an alternative the error is happening in the configureproduct.tpl when the product is configured. If we can set up the configurproduct.tpl to send the client to a certain page (product direct link) that would refresh our page and the client could Retry filling the forms.
      Again, a delayed auto refresh would work. Any comments?
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