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PayPal Configuration

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This is rather confusing.  I'm trying to set up PayPal as my payment gateway.  I've run into some confusion and need help.

In WHMCS it is asking for

API Username  API Details are required for Refunds and Subscription cancellations
API Password

API Signature


When I go to the PayPal site I don't see any of this.  They provide two items (which I won't list here)

Client ID


I don't want to be guessing on this as I want it to work right the first time.   Now I'm inclined to believe that API username and API Password are the username and password I log into PayPal  would that make the ClintID the API Signature?   

I'd really appreciate any assistance.  Thanks.




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Hi Tad,

I can see that you are using the PayPal Basic module, below are the details around the API Credentials to be used for this module.

API Fields

Used for issuing refunds within WHMCS (saving the need to login at PayPal).

These credentials can be accessed with the API Credentials tool found in the Tools > All Tools section of the PayPal Business dashboard. Alternatively, they can be accessed directly by navigating to https://www.paypal.com/businessmanage/credentials/apiAccess

For more information refer to Automated Refunds

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