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Which dashboard stats screen do you use the most?

Which dashboard stats screen do you find the most useful?  

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  1. 1. Which dashboard stats screen do you find the most useful?

    • Income
    • Orders
    • Support

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The Dashboard screen in the app contains three different categories of statistics:

  • Income
  • Orders
  • Support

At present the Income statistics are displayed first. Which of these screens do you find the most useful?

We'd also love to hear your suggestions if there any extra statistics you'd like to see numerically and graphically represented on the Dashboard?

Rock the vote and share your thoughts!

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Posted (edited)

While I think all 3 stats are important,   Income would be  my choice.   

1-  We clearly need to provide a great support to our customers to ensure , they will be happy and stay with us  for long and long years
2-   Orders are also important, but WHMCS has powerful   automation's, so this means after clients pays he\she will receive their domain and hosting without need our manual intervention.

3-   Income ✳️...Every business  ,  unless it is just a hobby  , we need to pay attention to income in so every aspects,  so having our income on our hands make us think   and also   think in  actions needed on time to fix some gaps, or low semester   full income.

My suggestion to complement this income stats for the APP is to have   Reports somewhere on the APP,   not all reports, but just Annual Income report and Income Forecast





As a company owner, having   those metrics   on the app is a must,  because it allow    us to  analyse and compare even far away    from  Laptop. On the graph   above, we could   see on first trimester 2020 where better to 2019, but after COVID   numbers goes down...so have a possibility to  analyse and take those conclusion on our hand is  also important, while thinking on strategies to   trying to fix it

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correct english word----graph comparation

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Yes all 3 stats are important also 🙂

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Hi @zitu4life,

Thanks for your suggestion. Full reporting data such as this is not currently available via the API; it would require new commands to be implemented in the core product before the app could then use them. As a result this could be a relatively expensive new feature with a long lead time. This is not a problem if the return on that investment is present and demonstrably benefits most app users. So I'd be interested to hear from everyone:

  1. How often do you check Projected Income reports and Annual Income Report  reports in the main admin area?
  2. How often do you urgently need to check the report whilst away from a computer, laptop or tablet?
  3. Would the small screen size of your phone be able to display these graphs at the required size to be meaningful?

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