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First of all, thank you all for providing your valuable feedback so far. 

In the quest of providing a handy and usable app to our clients, we are looking for any suggestions related to the dashboard that would help make the app more useful for you. Are there any other options you might want to see on the dashboard itself or any other important info that you want to check right from the dashboard itself? If yes, then do share your ideas and suggestions so that we can provide a better user experience to everyone.





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Hello @WHMCS Sachin

Thanks for   letting us  be more  open to share our ideas.😄

Al WHMCS users  like  this software a lot, so  even that we know that software belongs to WHMCS, we would like to have it  with our branded name on it, so my suggestion is that app could import our company name (that already exists on WHMCS admin>Setup>General settings)


And display that name on app somewhere, on top or not, it is up  to WHMCS where  would be more convenient  during developing ,   my print suggestion bellow.



PS: this option    to show company name could be also optional, so this mean  if a user do not want to see their company name there , he\she could go to app settings  and disable it with tick on\off so every one will be happy.

Personally  I think  having a possibility to see our company name on APP make,   make us feel like  ...this is our app too, also perhaps could be users that have several WHMCS installations, so when they   switch from one to  another they could know easily   on what installation is  👌

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Thank you so much for your feedback @zitu4life

This is indeed a good idea and I have passed it on to the development team for their review. If you have any more such ideas/requirements, I would say keep'm coming 🙂

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