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Invoice payment reminders sending daily

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I have two accounts that don't have a credit card on file. (They were lost during a migration somehow). And I don't know what's causing those accounts to be delivered an email EVERY day that says "We tried to bill your card but you don't have one on file."

What is the setting that's causing this?

The only things I suspect are 2 settings in automation.

1. "Retry every week for..." was set to 0 (but I thought that meant disable not every day.

2. The "Send invoice payment reminder" for 2nd and 3rd were both set to 0 also. But those specifically say 0 to disable.

I don't feel like either of those should behave that way though.

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Did you ever get a solution to this? Apparently our WHMCS is also sending daily reminders although to my knowledge, we have never set this up. Would be interested to know how to resolve this!

Many thanks

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