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HSC: Top Notification v4.0.0 For WHMCS

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What is Top Notification?

The Top Notification is a module for WHMCS that allows you to display an attractive notification bar on top of the website. You can notify site visitors in their new releases, offers, messages, news, etc. with the notice on your site more effectively. The module is sensitive and rich in resources that are built to simplify the user of need.

You can put the notification on your website header side as needed. It has highly customizable color settings, scheduling option, multilingual translation, etc. The module is a premium, but his great potential worth in value.


  • Custom Notification: You can customize all your notifications in your preferable way.
  • Fix bar to the top of the page: You will be able to add the notification bar fixed to the top of the page
  • Multi Language: You can select two or more languages options.
  • Animated color or single color: You can select one, two, three or more color for your notification.
  • Remember cancellation: if the visitors close the notification and start browsing the website the notification will not show again.
  • Publish date and expiry date: You can schedule the date the notification to start and ends for all notifications.
  • Display the notification for all pages: There is an option for notification to show on all pages or only show in a single page.

How Does It Work

  • Access the module home page
  • Click on “add new notification”
  • It will bring all columns to be filled;
  • Title: Only the admin can use this column to add lists of titles of notifications to display on the pages.
  • Message: Input the message to display, also you can add HTML tags if needed.
  • Display: Choose the page where you want the notification to display.
  • Date: Schedule all notifications according to when you want it to start and stops.
  • Alignment: Select maybe you want the message to show by the left or center or right hand side of the notification bar.
  • Remember Cancellation: Mark this to allow the visitors to be able to cancel notification if they wish not to see the notification when browsing the websites other pages.
  • Colors Type: Choose animated color or single color according to how you want it to be attractive to your visitors.
  • Multi-Lingual Translation: Select your visitors’ region language; you have more than one language options.
  • Click save and it will return to the homepage of the module
  • You will see three options in front of your notification message you composed “Disable, Enable and Delete”.
  • Click Enable to start the notification message, click disable to stop the notification message, and delete to delete the notification.

For more details and screenshot visit the product page


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On 3/18/2020 at 7:53 PM, zitu4life said:

Does this module works only with six template or it works with custom modules ?


The module works with six template and with custom templates

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v4.0.3 Released June 6th, 2020

  • Fixed a bug with custom SEO URL
  • Improved prevent closing the modal if you click outside the dialog

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