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V7.8.3 Hotfix files are wrong

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you'll need someone from Support to confirm this, but I suspect they may have been all been consolidated into two files - because looking at the original files, most of them were around the 800k mark, apart from the payment gateway hotfix as that went through a number of iterations and additions as further bugs kept getting found and patched.

  • the payment gateways hotfix - MODULE-7140_46-54-34-31-32-43-51-41-44-55-48-774-809-810-801-788-838-851x2.zip   => 4,456MB (38 Files)
  • the CORE-13801 hotfix - MODULE-7140_46-54-34-31-32-43-51-41-44-55-48-774-809-810-801-788-838-851x.zip  => 4,450MB (40 Files)

so they're not exactly the same file - the clientarea.php are different sizes in each for a start, but I couldn't tell you if the zips should be the same or whether they should be installed in reverse date order (as I usually suggest for hotfixes).

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Hello @brian!

Thank you for you post. I followed your suggestion and extracted the zip files sorted by date. But this is not a good step for uploading a file in a community board. It generates posted like mine...

Thank you again brian! I hope they fix this in the future.

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Hi @pRieStaKos,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I can confirm there is a single meta hotfix file for all  7.8.3 hotfixes. I've ensured that all the cases are now linking to the latest file.

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