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Services Report to include Product Name, Product Group & Currency

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Hi all,

I've been trying to figure this out myself but I have failed 😞

Currently, the Sevices report page has a field called 'Product ID' but I need an option to display/filter:

  • Product Name (tblproducts.name field in this case)
  • Product Group it falls under (tblproducts.gid field in this case)
  • Currency based on the client's profile (tblclients.currency field in this case)

I've made a copy of the Services report and tried different things so now I am here. Any help would be appreciated!

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@brian! Any idea? 🙂  Aside from doing it from the db, I'd really like to be able to generate reports from WHMCS.

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11 hours ago, baymax said:

Any idea?

some. ☺️

it's been on the pending list since you posted... but sadly I only have one pair of hands and 24 hours in the day! 🙁


currency is relatively simple because you can get the currency ID value from tblclients and then it's just a case of looking up the value in tblcurrencies and getting the code (e.g USD, GBP etc).


then for product group, you'll have to decide if you just want the gid value, or if you need to convert it to a product group name.

if you're not used to laravel queries, then using sentq's report from the other thread might be a good starting point for you... and let me know if you get it working as it will save me wasting time looking at it if it's already done. 🙂

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You know what's messed up? I totally understand what we are trying to do here and where to get the information, but I've got zero clue how to get it into the Services report and make it show up (lol).

SQL newbie here...

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