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   What is the meaning of a tenant in context to WHMCS and what is meant by tenant id? I've tried a lot of options like using serviceid, clientid and productid as tenantid but nothing works here is the link where this term is mentioned.


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    • By Kamran
                     I'm developing a module for my service which tracks usage information and my current module works fine, usage metrics which released for WHMCS v7.9 attracted me and hence found a use case for my service but the issue that I am facing is usage data won't update (not even once!) I've followed all these links including Usage billing feature doc, Usage metrics provisioning module doc and class doc whereas have posted my relevant code and details on whmcs community under whmcs 7.9 beta discussion but did not recieve any help so far on this issue below is the link for that post:
       If anyone in the community(either from WHMCS staff or anyone ) knows what's wrong and can help it'll be much appreciated as this feature is quite important for my organization.
      Thank you!
    • By z900collector
      G'Day all,
      I've written a provisioning module which appears to cause WHMCS to freeze when you exit the module_CreateAccount() function, either manually in the admin screen but more importantly, when you make a payment for the product and WHMCS automatically runs module_CreateAccount()
      I log everything and my modules create function is returning "success" so the issue appears to be AFTER the module exits back to WHMCS.
      Is WHMCS expecting something else to occur AFTER the CreateAccount method exits?
    • By websavers
      Curious to see if anyone else has tried using the new provisioning module capabilities associated with a product addon (not a product).
      The standard provisioning actions like create/terminate are working just fine. But I'm trying to create a button that opens a custom page with a custom page template and I can't seem to get the code right -- it always just loads the product's page rather than my custom page. Here's the relevant code:
      function module_domainreports(array $params){ return array( 'pagetitle' => 'Domain Reports', 'templatefile' => 'domainreports', 'vars' => array( 'test1' => 'hello', 'test2' => 'world', ), ); } function module_ClientAreaAllowedFunctions() { return array( "Domain Reports" => "domainreports", ); } function module_ClientArea(array $params) { return ' <form method="get" action="clientarea.php"> <input type="hidden" name="action" value="productdetails" /> <input type="hidden" name="id" value="' . $params['serviceid'] . '" /> <input type="hidden" name="modop" value="custom" /> <input type="hidden" name="a" value="domainreports" /> <button type="submit">View Reports</button> </form>'; } I do have a domainreports.tpl file in my module dir. It's got a single line of text in it.
      Am I simply doing it wrong?
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