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We are glad to announce our product of the year i.e. One Step Checkout Orderform Template for WHMCS Users. 

This is one of the best order forms that has ever been released. What makes our One Page Orderform unique than others in the market?

1. Unique Approach to Register a Domain



2. Set Payment Gateways According to Country

You can set payment gateways according to a specific country and the payment gateways will auto-assign seeing the current location of your website users.



3. Set custom payment gateway icons from the WHMCS admin.


4. It has inbuilt GeoIP Currency Changer

5. Supports Multi Currencies

6. Detailed Order Summary View 

7. Showcase Products, Billing Cycle and Addons in Style



8. Mini Cart Specially Designed for Mobile Devices


You can purchase the orderform from WHMCS Marketplace or directly from our website: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/custom-template/one-step-checkout-whmcs-orderform-template/

To view demo visit: https://demo.whmcsglobalservices.com/cart.php?carttpl=WhmcsOneStepCheckout&systpl=six

Edited by WGS

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V 1.0.3 of One Step Checkout Orderform is rolling out, making it compatible with WHMCS 7.9.2 and many other improvements and bugs fixes. Users are requested to download the updated files from the WGS Client Area. 

Here is the detailed changelog for this update: 


New Features Added

  • Now compatible with WHMCS 7.9.2
  • One page order form now support WHMCS default product quantity feature.


  • Search Domain Placeholder now supports multi language.
  • Now, order summary section gets activated only when we add a product in the cart.
  • You can now hide the name server section from the WHMCS. 
  • "Create account" panel & text remains activated when the user is logged in. - Now it will show only when a user is not logged in.

Bugs Fixes

  • Cart Page breaks down in the case of renewing the domain. - Issue is fixed now
  • When a user without domain adds a product via query string, the cart page  breaks. -  Issue is fixed now

Here is the detailed upgrade procedure.

For more information, please visit: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/custom-template/one-step-checkout-whmcs-orderform-template/


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V 1.0.4 of One Step Checkout Orderform is rolling out, making it compatible with WHMCS 7.10.1 and many other improvements and bugs fixes. Users are requested to download the updated files from the WGS Client Area. Here is the detailed changelog for this update: 



1) Domain configuration panel do not open automatically when we add a domain to cart, now it will open automatically.
2) Overrides.css file added to customize the one step checkout ordeform.
3) Product addons section will automatically gets active if the selected products have addons assigned.
4) Now domain section will only show if the domain registration or transfer is enabled from the whmcs admin.
5) Now you can pass domain name with product via query string to add them in the cart. (https://example.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=X&domain=register&query=example.com)
6) Domain renewals feature in added in the one step checkout orderform.
7) Now you can add Hidden products in the cart via our one page checkout order form via query string.
😎 New fonts added in the one step checkout orderform, you can enable them via css file.
Fonts added:
-> Lato
-> Montserrat
-> Open Sans
-> Roboto

9) Compatible with WHMCS V 7.10 - 7.10.1 compatibility

Bugs Fixed:

1. Domains gets shown on one page order form only when we set the domain prices for 1 year, adding prices for  2 or more years give erros. > Fixed


Here is the detailed procedure to upgrade.

For more details, visit: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/custom-template/one-step-checkout-whmcs-orderform-template/

Edited by WGS

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WGS One Step Checkout Order Form Template V 1.0.5 Update Rolling Out!
We have released a new avatar of the One Page Order Form template in this V 1.0.5 update. The new 1.0.5 version of the order form gives it a refreshing look and feel with improved UI & UX.
This update is mainly focused on the sales part of the hosting companies and designed to boost conversions.

Checkout whats's new in V 1.0.5?

1. Stripe Payment Gateway now supported.


WHMCS One Step Checkout Order Form is now fully compatible with Stripe Payment Gateway. Now users with Stripe Payment Gateway can easily use the One Step Checkout order form.Here is the detailed procedure for setting up the Stripe Payment Gateway.


2. Completely Redesigned the Order Summary Section.

3. Added Notes Section under order summary section to boost conversions.



4. Fully redesigned product listing and billing cycle section.



5. The Domain configuration section redesigned.



6. Change placement of the Domain Section either above the product listing or after it.



7.  Added the feature to apply for client credits

8. Epp Auth code added for the domain transfer case.

This image has an empty alt attribute
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Button_view-detailed-changelog.png

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WGS One Step Checkout Order Form Template V 1.0.6 Update Rolling Out!
We have released a new version of our one step checkout WHMCS order form template, this new update brings in bugs fixes & improvements. 
We have also make the products compatible with subdomains in this new update. Want to know more about the new update?

New Features:

  • We have added subdomain options in the case the product is having subdomains. 

Bugs Fixes:

  • Billing Cycle Discount Calculation Getting Wrong - Fixed
  • Billing cycle does not change when passed in the URL - Fixed
  • Order Summary is toggling continuously when product have addons - Fixed


  • Order Form validation errors now show on top of the order form. 

 This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Button_view-detailed-changelog.png


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Your modules are full of bugs and you do not reply to support tickets.

I have cancelled within your 10 days - but you make excuses not to refund, saying that you will fix the modules - but over a month later, we are still waiting.


Terrible service.

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On 6/5/2020 at 5:53 PM, pjs32 said:

Your modules are full of bugs and you do not reply to support tickets.

I have cancelled within your 10 days - but you make excuses not to refund, saying that you will fix the modules - but over a month later, we are still waiting.


Terrible service.

Hello Mate, 


Please help me with your ticket id, one page order form do not  have bugs now, there must be issues with compatibility that you are facing. Also this product is not refundable. You can please share your ticket ID we will resolve it for you. 



Team WGS

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We have released a new version of our One Page Checkout WHMCS Order Form. This new 1.0.7 update brings in new features, improvements and bugs fixes. 


Find out what's new in this V 1.0.7 update: 

New Features

  • Color Scheme Changer: We have introduced the all-new color scheme changer in this new OPC 1.0.7 update, now users can change or customize the color schemes according to their choice.
  • Set Payment gateways according to the product group (This feature will only work when we add the product to cart via a query string)
  • Now you can hide the currency switcher on the order form from the WHMCS admin.
  • Now you can show/hide the "product groups and products section" on the one page order form when a user adds the product to cart via the query string. We have added this option to the WHMCS admin.
  • New Lang variable added. $_LANG['wgsOnePageButtonAdded'] = "Added";


  • Setup fees icon added in the order summary.
  • Now the billing cycle dropdown will only show if the billing cycle defined for a product is more then one.
  • Now you can set the One Page Order Form according to a specific product group from WHMCS admin, (This will work only once we add the product to cart via a query string.

Bugs Fixes:

  • When we click on the "Add To Cart" button only the billing cycle that is showing on the top will be added, previously it was adding only the monthly cycle.
  • When we add the products to the cart without selecting custom fields, the order form bypasses all the custom fields, now it will not bypass and gives an error.
  • Domain additional required fields not validating and redirecting the page to default whmcs validate page for specific domains like (.it, .my, etc). The issue is now fixed.
  • Previously when we set the billing cycle one time it shows "monthly" on the order form product listing section, now it will show "One Time".
  • Fixed the Payment Gateways text is going outside of the box in case of lengthy text.

Find out the detailed procedure to update your one page order formhttp://wiki.whmcsglobalservices.com/index.php?title=WGS_One_Step_Checkout_Template#How_to_upgrade_to_V_1.0.7.3F

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We have released a new version of our One Page Checkout WHMCS Order Form. This new 1.0.8 update brings in new features and bugs fixes. 

Find out what's new in this V 1.0.8 update: 

New Features:

  • New Billing cycle change functionality added.
  • Added full page loader after click on checkout.
  • New Language Variables added

Bugs Fixes

  • By default our one page order form shows longest billing cycle but adds the product with lowest one to cart
  • Product configuration billing cycle do not change according to the selected product billing cycle.
  • In VPS type products our one page order form by passes the validation and do not returns any error.
  • In case customer has its own domain, validation was not working in the tld's.
  • Option to show billing cycle by default shortest term or longest term managed from admin.
  • Mobile menu order summary side cart is not coming when product group hide from backend.


Want to upgrade to the new V 1.0.8? Here is the detailed procedure to upgrade the template.

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WHMCS One Step Checkout Orderform v2.0.0 Up & Running!



Bugs Fixed in this Release

  • Unable to add configurable option in admin panel when OPC is activated
  • Static product for stripe is added and ordered when user press complete order button without adding real product
  • If the product has one custom field of select type then it's not adding another by default and shows an error
  • On currency change, the Own domain option is lost when added product has a domain required
  • If no product is added and someone pressed complete order then there is 1 static product amount is showing
  • If credit card detail not passed then it's showing full-screen loader and an error is showing in the background unable to fill card detail

Improvements Done

  • The discount script has improved. Before it was calculating discount on the basis of the monthly cycle now its calculating discount with another cycle too
  • In Slider type configuration when quantity is selected summary continuously blinking
  • Domain suggestion category design shows when its category is not present
  • Link redirection according to WHMCS
  • While ordering VPS product when enter hostname summary is continuously blinking
  • When removing the domain from the product it only unlinks the domain attached to the product. Not removing the registered domain
  • While adding product through query string and product group is hidden then functionality breaks
  • Renewed all domain functionalities. Now user can renew all their domain through OPC
  • Compatible with WHMCS v8.1.3

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Drumroll Please!!! WHMCS One Step Checkout Orderform Version v2.1.0 Released With Major Updates


The latest version of WHMCS One Step Checkout Orderform Version includes multiple improvements and bug fixing. Here are the details:

  • Compatible with WHMCS V8.2.0
  • CSS Optimized
  • Code Optimized

Bugs Fixed

  • When domain additional field not filled and on page refresh page was broken.

View Demo - https://demo.whmcsglobalservices.com/clientxdemo/cart.php?carttpl=WhmcsOneStepCheckout&systpl=six

Buy Now - https://whmcsglobalservices.com/custom-template/one-step-checkout-whmcs-orderform-template/#pricing

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