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Domain Transfer Attribute Not Unique Error (Object not found)

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Hi everyone. I'm hoping for your kind advice on my concern today.

The idea is that I have a client that has ordered a domain transfer and I have mistaken to approve the order as I have not noticed he hasn't paid for the item yet. Furthermore, he has cancelled that order as there was a mistake on it. But on my domain vendor account, I believe the transfer has been initiated already and it showed an active status & I have already paid for it as well under my account. But because the client already have cancelled the order to his client area, I have set the domain back to pending status. The client then placed a new order for the domain transfer once again and then paid for it. The problem is that I am receiving an error and I couldn't resolve the issue of this error which is mentioned on the subject of this thread. I look forward to your advice about this. Thanks!

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I would like also to learn with your case. I think when a domain is registered by registar, no way back until 1 year (thinking that cycle was minimun 1 years).

I guess no way back, if not, you have loose this money, and need to move this domain away from this client, let's say, move it to your own client and wait one year to cancel it. I guess there is no refund from registar for your mistake.

But I am not sure, let's wait for others with more experience in domain business.

I do not think domain registar terms and services says they will refund for mistakes.


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I am not concerned if they could not refund me at all. My only concern is to retrieve back the domain to be activated for the client's request. The idea is that is it a transfer domain order that I have successfully initiated has been cancelled by the client and chose to place another order for this item which returns an error on my end because of some reason that I could not resolve. I'm confused as it is on a pending transfer state in my reseller domain account vendor and I already have deleted the last order in which I have successfully initiated the transfer which is a cancelled order on my client's profile.

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