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Backup Failed - DB is OK - Can I Restore WHMCS?

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I recently migrated to a different server and company - the backup I made would not upload - it was corrupt. I did find a database backup of about a month ago and a configuration file. Is this enough to restore my whmcs? Please let me know there is a way to salvage my data, at least up to the date of the backup. The database is already uploaded into cPanel, and according to phpMyAdmin, there are 48 clients -- that is about right. The database I am trying to restore is whmcs7.

Please let me know what can be done? Is this something you can do for me? Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you,

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If you re-upload a fresh copy of the same version of WHMCS (downloadable at https://download.whmcs.com), restore the database, re-create the database user and grant it access to the database (if necessary), and also restore your configuration.php file (making any changes to the database, user and password as necessary), you *should* be back up and running.

There may be additional steps you'll have to take (recreating cron jobs, etc.) but this should get your WHMCS back up and running with the database backup you have.

What control panel environment are you moving from/to? I've always found cPanel backups to be quite reliable. If you have any way to regenerate a full backup at the old host it may  prevent you from losing some data like ticket attachments.

Please refer to https://docs.whmcs.com/Restoring_WHMCS for additional relevant information.

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Posted (edited)

@ogunquit  during migration better is performing file transfer using cpanel tool migration. But looks like you did not did that, so sometimes restoration manually  you would   need to create new database with same name and password like old server....so  the trick is for that  match sometimes you need to play  game creating  on new server a cpanel user name that will allow you to match name of your old database.   If can not do it your self, always consider open a ticket to ask for help for WHMCS staff, sometimes they do some miracle  when no one can do , being   long time without your  WHMCS can  be very bad.  So consider  upgrade your ticket  paying I guess 30 dollar  and  if there is solutions they will fix  it for you. And after that all customization's should be for your own.

My Advice is if you are not an expert like me, consider  have  WHMCS  database backup to personal email everyday on cron job. So  this mean  everyday you got a fresh backup. Make sure you  are using  not a cpanel email. In my case I use   a remote email with 2 factor authentication    login.

Also I reinforce  this backup with a full cpanel backup send to  paid G-SUITE DRIVE every week  or anytime I think my WHMCS  receive an important  changes. So even on major disaster you stay covered.  😏

Hope you overpass your issue soon


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