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Language Files generate wrong link

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I updated to the latest version today and I find a new bug.

In the Language Files are links for example:


$_LANG['maxmind_highfraudriskscore'] = "Your order has been flagged as potentially high risk and therefore it has been held for manual review.<br /><br />If you feel you have received this message in error, then please accept our apologies and <a href=\"submitticket.php\">submit a support ticket</a> to our Customer Service Team.  Thank you.";

The link really shows up to https://mydomain/submitticket.php and not corretly to https://mydomain/whmcs/submitticket.php. I have try with 

 <a href=\"{$WEB_ROOT}/submitticket.php\">

but no luck. If I try:

 <a href=\"whmcs/submitticket.php\">

it makes https://mydomain/whmcs/whmcs/submitticket.php 


I hope you understand the problem 🙂

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      Seeing that the order of the products will be a bit random, on the Upgrade Package/Products page ( upgrade.php ). 
      Anyone who knows how to change the order of the products?
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