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MyWorks PayPal Billing Agreements Module not compatible with 7.8.2

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On 10/25/2019 at 11:40 AM, TheHackRepairGuy said:

Ok, so since the update/fix, I've had many clients complain that their recurring credit card payments
that were recurring nicely for years before
are now not being auto paid (so they are getting late and past due balance notices).

Yes, I can manually run the card in client's account "after the complaint"
but I feel an avalanche building...

Your experience?

I was also having this issue, as many others I have found in other forums.

After a bit of testing, I found that if I try to click the link "Attempt CC Captures" right after cron runs, it would not capture the payments, it was as if WHMCS could not even see the payment method.  I tried clicking the "Attempt CC Captures" about 8 hours later, and it worked.

I then switched my cron to run at 12 PM instead of 4 AM, after switching this my automatic payments started working.  I have only had it running at 12 PM for 2 days, however this is the first time it has worked for all invoices with a payment method.

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So, as it turns out, changing the time is not what caused all the automated captures or the Attempt CC Captures to work.

Before I tried to run the Attempt CC Captures, and before the cron ran, I went to each clients page in the billing area, which apparently imported the PayPal as a pay method, that is what caused them to work.  So I ended up having to take a day and run through all the active clients pages to be sure all the pay methods are imported.

We will see if this fixes the issue for good.

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On 11/23/2019 at 8:01 PM, shadvalentine said:

I agree , I did not believe it at first either, however that is what MyWorks told me, and so far, it is working.

Thanks, that's very strange, but it helped a lot. When we contacted us they didn't provide this solution, they mainly just ignored us for multiple weeks.

Let me know if anyone would like a script to make this easier. We used a simple Excel/VBA that opens these profile pages since we had a lot of clients. You just paste it on the spreadsheet after running a MySQL query. 

Also, some more information that may be helpful:

  • We also had a problem where no matter what, it told everyone their billing agreement is active even if it wasn't. We fixed this by making a template file change and adding an extra and statement to make sure the $bid actually contains something meaningful, aka, there's a billing agreement ID there. This way it doesn't tell everyone they have it active.
  • We had a problem because we've been using this module throughout several iterations. It definitely looks like the coding/coders weren't too great at figuring out how to neatly do everything. So they appeared to have tried inserting the billing agreements as credit cards. When they could have just stored it (as I was told by another party) that they could just set it as another type and avoid that. 
    • This caused issues where someone's "Mastercard-0291" was actually PayPal.
    • We also had an issue where "Card-XXXX" was actually PayPal and there was also in many cases another PayPal object.
    • This caused many of them to be mislabeled when we converted it.

The worst part about this is that they know it's not ready and they rolled it out, and marked it as compatible with 7.8 anyway. They know entire pages are missing/not functioning. They know they're not prepared to be able to support people, but they are still selling it, with no update/warning.


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I've just got this answer from WHMCS: "I have checked with our Management and Development teams and can confirm that we do not have any plans currently to develop a module for PayPal Billing Agreements." 

Wow.. Just wow... PayPal billing agreement is so widely use by many merchants nowadays and we need to rely on external modules for it.. Unbelievable.. 

Anyway, @myworksdesign When do you expect to update the module for v8? 


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Just upgraded WHMCS to 8.2.1 and upgraded (overriden) the paypal billing files to 3.1.

Now I see no current agreements on addonmodules.php?module=paypal_billing_center (just a message Congratulations! Reference Transactions are enabled on your PayPal account. Your configuration is complete, and you may now charge clients.) Like everything disappeared. 

Also I don't see the paypal billing line on the account's summary (top-right) on all accounts that should have it.

Sent a ticket. No response from the company yet.  

Anyone have an idea?

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