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Multiple Credit Cards 7.8 Error Module Tokenised Storage

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Hello guys, the multiple credit cards in WHMCS is great. I developed a credicard payment module with tokenised storage.  I'm bit lost, because I didn't find any documentation about the changes.  Some of my users are complain that the module not working in 7.8. But at docs i didn't find any changes yet.

The DOC in: https://developers.whmcs.com/payment-gateways/tokenised-remote-storage/ got any changes? How will I save 2 cards in WHMCS now?  How  will I know wich card the user selected to pay the bill?

There is no example for tokenised storage cards in: https://github.com/WHMCS/sample-merchant-gateway/blob/master/modules/gateways/merchantgateway.php


Please could you give the direction?


Thanks a lot.

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No answer yet, how I know wich credit card i will delete? Where the others tokens will be saved?? 



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From what I understand, WHMCS handles the card and payment gateway and passes the cardnum or gatewayid to your _capture function just as before. Similarly, returning a gatewayid etc from your function should work as before and just be saved in the right place. In other words I don’t think much changes.

If your tokenised gateway requires the card info to be submitted directly to them at a pre-arranged URL, all bets are off, WHMCS have not yet told us how to do that. It used to be with a class if payment gateway functions (_remoteinput etc) but I’m not sure whether those still work.

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