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Affiliate link redirects to home age

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Cheers Chris, Yeahg I know about linking to a specific product, I was just concerned that my affiliates would lose their potential income. I assume the affiliate link just creates a cookie, then does the redirect?

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    • By dwork
      Is there any way to change an affiliate assignment on an order once it's been assigned? I have an order that was mistakenly assigned to one affiliate but should have been assigned to a different affiliate. Any solution, include database update or 3rd party plugin, would be appreciated. 
    • By Kian
      Automatically sets newly registered customers as Affiliates on WHMCS. This way they don't need to join manually.
      That said, as you probably already know the affiliate system of WHMCS is very basic. If you need something more complete and sophisticated take a look at Commission Manager.
      Get the Code »
    • By dewabizmedia
      How add sub menu affiliate whmcs?
    • By Mohsin Amer
      We are facing a problem which is we do not have affiliate program enabled, previously we did and it worked perfectly fine. Here is a list of my versions:
      PHP: 7.0 WHMCS: 7.4.2 All required extensions for making WHMCS work are installed. CloudFlare CDN MySql Now we want to start our affiliate program once again, we went to General Settings -> Affiliates and enabled it there, no issues it said successful. When we tried to signup a test client having ID 1,  it said account successfully created, but in the client profile it still said Activate as affiliate. Even after multiple attempts it did not work, but in client dashboard it did show the bonus balance. Tried enabling from Admin/Client Area but no luck. We tried to check our logs and the Database and found out that the table tblaffiliates is having multiple entries of Client ID 1, which was obvious because we tried it like 2-3 times to enable and it created multiple entries in tblaffiliates, which we know should not happen. Then we checked the other tables related to affiliates and they all were empty.
      This is what we gathered from our Activity Log
      So basically WHMCS is trying to to create an affiliate account but is assigning the ID 0 to it which makes sure there is some error in the system.
      Fixes we tried:
      Tried switching PHP versions. Tried enabling/disabling CloudFlare CDN. Tried removing duplicate values from tblaffiliates. (Restored them later)   Tried enabling/disabling Affiliates module multiple times. Need help.
    • By Syed Ans Shah
      i want to know if there is any process or any way to create a Promotion and assign it to specific Affiliate
      i have generated a promo promocode=TestPromo
      and i have an affiliate as ?aff=10
      Now i want to assign all the user/clients who uses that promo to be assigned to the Affiliate and gets the specified commision.
      help required immediately please.
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