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Affiliation/Commissions - Looking for feedback, ideas, suggestions

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I'm completing the refactoring of a module that I initially released on 2015 that allows to pay commissions to Affiliates depending on their sales, performance levels and monthly achievements. It has nothing to do with the Affiliates system of WHMCS. The current version of the module is still functional but has a problem. It has too many types of commissions which makes the module very difficult to use. That's what you get when you give too much room to bad users' feedback 🤔 My bad.

The refactored module is based on making it simple to use for administrators and affiliates therefore I refused to implement subterfuges like 3% + 5% commissions (you don't get 8%), misleading mechanics and bonus scheme that requires a supercomputer to be explained. I'll never implement such things again. That said, I'm looking for feedback (good ones 😀), ideas and suggestions. Am I missing something important?


commissions.thumb.gif.960a1157ad5ee5913ac4dc1b948bb564.gifCommissions [ Click to enlarge ]

You can define commission payouts based on specific Products/Services, TLDs and Product Addons both percentage and fixed amount. It is also possible to define group-based commissions (eg. all VPS servers, all TLDs). You can use padlocks to lock certain items so that they don't get updated when you change parents.



achievements.thumb.gif.ab7d02be75e64e0a3961f87296ec069c.gifAchievements [ Click to enlarge ]

You can set multiple achievements to encourage Affiliates to keep selling your products. On a monthly basis the module automatically rewards them for reaching the goals you set. Achievements are based on Revenue, New Signups and Number of Sales. These same achievements can be used also to reward Top Affiliates (eg. first 5 Affiliates that brings you 1000€ of Revenue, Affiliates reaching 1000€ earn a bonus of 100€ etc.).



The system pays commissions based on the following Attribution Metrics (Manual, Cookie-based, Interactive). You can put limits to Affiliation program and Payouts. There are also many other pages in backend (Dashboard, View/Filter/Manage Affiliates, Sales, Payouts, Settings) but right now I'd like to focus on the above ones. Before you ask the module already handles multiple currencies and conversion rates.



Earnings [ Click to enlarge ]

This is how your Affiliates can monitor their sales, revenues and request payouts from Clientarea.




Sales_agent_Achievements.pngAchievements [ Click to enlarge ]

Here they review not only unlocked Achievements but also next ones. At a glance they can get an idea of their progress by simply looking at progress bars. This way they can decide to focus on a particular goal.



Sales_agent_Subscriptions.pngSubscriptions [ Click to enlarge ]

This area is for recurring commissions that can be lifetime or last for a certain amount of months.




Sales_agent_report.pngStatistics [ Click to enlarge ]

We're still working on this page since we need to decide what metrics to represent in graphs. Quite frankly I really don't know. Revenue, Commissions, Payouts, ROI... what else? I'm not a "marketing guy".



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affiliate-activation.gifAffiliate Activation [ Click to enlarge ]

Any successful Affiliation Network needs to provide complete information to new potential Affiliates. This page serves this purpose. Visitors can preview your Commission Structure, Monthly Achievements, Attribution Models and of course statistics about how much you paid to existing Affiliates. At the moment I was thinking about 3 Attribution Models: Last-Click (cookie based), Offline (for sales/conversions made "offline") and Interactive (end-user picks their Sales Representative from a list).



sales-management.gifSales Management [ Click to enlarge ]

Here Administrators can view, filter and manage all sales and conversions made by Affiliates. I still don't know if I should include percentile in addition to % ROI to give more information using less columns.

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