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Can I change the term Fraud to Review in WHMCS account status?

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I feel a lot of people get pissed when they see fraud, I think if the account status was review it would be better, Can I change this somewhere? I assume it's in the database somewhere?

Also can we edit the MaxMind fraud alert error they see?  



MaxMind Error

Your order has been flagged as potentially high risk and therefore it has been held for manual review.

If you feel you have received this message in error, then please accept our apologies and submit a support ticket to our Customer Service Team. Thank you.



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The MaxMind message was in there , thanks! Any idea how to change the status name Fraud to Review in WHMCS?

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I believe those are hard coded and can't be changed.  You can add your own status via WHMCS admin -> Setup menu -> Other -> Order Statues.  The problem is WHMCS will still use the Fraud status and so you would have to either manually change to your status or use the FraudOrder hook and change the status using that for automated status changes .



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The more I think about it, I would need the fraud status for other accounts that are for sure fraud.  For the records.

So what I would really need to do is change the MaxMind fraud checker to change the status to just Pending. Or create a new group called Review just for this reason.

I can pay if someone can do this. Sounds like a possible hook could do it.

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