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Rolling out the all-in-one AWS billing solution for WHMCS!

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1. We are truly proud to spread the news about our very latest undertaking – AWS Billing For WHMCS.

This all-embracing solution will grant you full supervision over your products and allow you to define percentage billing margin per each of the offered Amazon Web Services in the most suiting way. Apart from that, you will gain access to several personalized graphs tracking your expenses, earnings, as well as set charges – everything from a convenient WHMCS panel.  

Delve into more detailed overview on our website!


2. DirectAdmin Extended For WHMCS 3.1.0

This hot-off-the-press update of our WHMCS module delivers at your clients’ disposal a wide set of very practical utilities. For example, as of now they will be empowered to: 

  • Download backups of selected databases
  • Remove multiple database users at one go 
  • Edit and mass delete cron jobs as well as select desired configuration from the newly added "Common Settings" options 
  • Set up vacation time in out-of-office messages through a date picker directly rather than providing them manually

Willing to explore the rest of the changelog? 

Learn more about DirectAdmin Extended For WHMCS 3.1.0!


3. Multibrand For WHMCS 2.3.0 

Among other things, this latest module version facilitates the way in which branded invoice number can be altered (from either invoice view or module addon), plus offers new API function to brand billable items easily. Another fact worthy of special note is also the keenly requested support for friendly URLs, and WHMCS 7.7.1.

Learn more about Multibrand For WHMCS 2.3.0!


4. SMS Gateway Integration Promotion

Using text messages to keep your customers and staff members up to date at all times? We can improve your business communication even further! 

Contact our support team, and just for you we will integrate your favorite SMS gateway to our SMS Center For WHMCS module without charging a single dollar. The development process itself will not take long either – you may expect the project to be finished within two weeks at the most. 

Consult our brief how-to guide right away!


5. Check out our other recent releases: 

Need Custom Software Development For Your Business?

Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!

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      We are thrilled to share with you exclusive insight into the project we have been working on for some time now. 
      AWS Billing For WHMCS has been designed to fill the urgent demand for a tool that would finally enable AWS providers to manage all aspects of their customer billing from a single control panel. 
      The solution we are offering is based on the WHMCS system and lets you keep round-the-clock control over your business operations through the following functionalities: 

      Quick assignment of Amazon Web Services to WHMCS products  Percentage billing margin per AWS services Automatic billing according to set charges Easy tracking of upcoming charges on the client side  Dynamic reports on earnings, resource usage, and more

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      Need Custom Software Development For Your Business?

      Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
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