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Complete AWS billing for WHMCS now within close reach!

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We are excited to spill some beans today about our next big project which is coming really soon!


AWS Billing For WHMCS has been designed to let AWS providers manage all aspects of their customer billing in the most convenient manner, and from but a single place – the WHMCS system.

After setting up percentage billing margins for the selected Amazon Web Services, your clients will be charged according to the set fees in a fully automated way, and you will gain a complete overview of all ongoing as well as past operations through informative graphs.

Eager to learn the details of this upcoming premiere? Check our website!



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    • By HardSoftCode
      Security login adds an additional layer of security to your client area. If the user failed login attempts x times then the user remember his password and successfully login he need to enter a second passcode that will be send to his email this will make sure that the user is him and he is the one trying to login to his account and it's not another guy trying to get the user account.
      Countdown date picker Template system with 4 templates Social link for social media buttons Page content manager About us and contact us pages only for minigo template Google reCAPTCHA Subscribe form Export subscribers email addresses to CSV file Changelog
      Rewrite the code from scratch Improve the UI for admin area Improve move emails to email templates New login with verified link New disable security login if the client enable 2FA New google reCAPTCHA New setup the waiting time to request the PIN code resend New prevent email from saving in log New company logo and copyright in page For more details and screenshot visit the product page
      Maintenance mode for WHMCS is for preventing any users other than administrators from using the site while maintenance is taking place, though it's not designed to prevent user access during version upgrades. When users attempt to access a course when your site is in maintenance mode, they obtain a message informing them that the site is in maintenance mode. If you wish, you can create a customized maintenance mode message, perhaps stating when the site will be available again or giving the reason for doing maintenance.
      Countdown date picker Template system with 4 templates Social link for social media buttons Page content manager About us and contact us pages only for minigo template Google reCAPTCHA Subscribe form Export subscribers email addresses to CSV file Changelog
      Rewrite the code from scratch Improve the UI for admin area New subscribe form New 3 new templates New google reCAPTCHA New export subscribers email addresses to CSV file New countdown date picker For more details and screenshot visit the product page
    • By Norberto Ramirez
      Good morning, how are you all?
      This time I have a small problem from days ago as indicated by the title of the topic, my WHMCS system is not sending emails to the corresponding clients (payment notice, email verification, password change, new clients and many more).
      I have searched the community if there is a related topic and I will not get it who can give me a hand?
      Note: I have already reviewed the email platform in the cPanel and everything is fine, the main email sent and receives emails, password and configuration of the same, I think the problem occurred with the last update of the system
    • By zitu4life
      Hello there
      Utilities>Logs>Activity logs or Admin Logs
      An user can delete those entries to hide what he done??.
      Examples: sometimes we ask support on official WHMCS website (www.whmcs.com) or even other custom modules development  for some-kind trobleshooting or even an developer for something that need to have access to our WHMCS.
      1 - Grant access to a staff from WHMCS sound resealable acceptable and most trusted (considering I am doing it from www.whmcs.com;
      2- But when it is from other company modules developers less reputable than WHMCS sometimes I am not so comfortable in giving access full administrator especially if you never know exactly what time they will login (due different time zones).
      PS: there is those options to send confidential information on special fields provided, but....
      An admin user, can just manipulate WHMCS logs and do bad things and erase history, or just snoop around your stuff and erase at the end?
      So what is you best practices when you need to provide confidencial information for your custom module development or a developer?
    • By ModulesGarden
      1. DigitalOcean Droplets For WHMCS 1.5.0

      Gaze on our freshly rolled out DigitalOcean Droplets For WHMCS 1.5.0 with a solid dose of novel permissions and enhance the appeal of your server offerings in leaps and bounds.

      Most of all, you will surely appreciate the newly acquired power to set up the base prefix which will be later on used to create a random domain name in case when clients fail to provide it themselves. Apart from that, bowing to the many requests received from you directly, we have implemented the possibility to disable backups in the already created machines as well as establish custom names for OS distributions by using a language file.

      While this is no doubt a fair amount of novelties to benefit from, some more still await your attention on our website.

      Learn more about DigitalOcean For WHMCS 1.5.0!

      2. Resellers Center For WHMCS 3.6.0

      The second official release this week is the 3.6.0 update of the module dedicated to flexible supervision over your resellers within the confines of WHMCS – Resellers Center For WHMCS.

      Only after you take a quick look on the record of changes brought on board of the latest module version, you will immediately spot such substantial additions as:
      Harmonious integration with WHMCS V7.10. Your newly acquired power to decide whether to show to end clients those products that were previously marked as “hidden” in the main WHMCS. Boosted loading of items pricing in the reseller area. Anyway, to gain a full panorama of this pretty massive release, you will need to study its changelog page point by point as there is way more new stuff to avail of!

      Learn all about Resellers Center For WHMCS 3.6.0!

      3. New EasyDCIM v1.6.7 with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

      What is it that data center owners crave the most in their software? Only one quick peek inside EasyDCIM, the leading control panel for comprehensive bare metal server provisioning, is enough to get the general idea of what makes up the perfect software match. They go to great lengths to make sure that with every new version, users are spoilt with plenty of admin-centered features. The announcement of the 1.6.7 update is no exception to this rule!

      Firstly, you may find it worthwhile to carefully investigate the prime feature that has laid the groundwork for this red-hot release – support for fully automated Ubuntu 20.04 LTS installation! As of now, you are also granted access to three novel tools for spot-on and effortless system maintenance: GParted, Ultimate Boot CD 5.3.8 plus Grml 2018.12.

      Interested in some other possibilities the brand-new 1.6.7 release may intrigue you with? There are Be sure to look over the details on the EasyDCIM Blog and sate your avid curiosity!

      Discover all the remaining perks of EasyDCIM v1.6.7!

      4. Last, but not least, make sure to follow our other latest releases as well:
      IBM Cloud Virtual Servers For WHMCS – NEW MODULE MSPControl Extended For WHMCS - v1.0.8 Servertastic SSL For WHMCS - v1.4.2 SolidCP Extended For WHMCS - v1.0.7

      Need Custom Software Development For Your Business?
      Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
    • By QuintenRowland
      Hi All 
      Looking for a developer that can build me a couple of provisioning modules ?
      Please pm me 
      Quinten Rowland
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