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Using G Suite Email within WHMCS

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I have moved over to using G Suite for my domain email. I set up the MX records and everything is fine i can send and recieve from different accounts etc. I am trying to set this up within whmcs under the settings > Mail > using the following config

Mail Type SMTP

Mail Encoding 8bit

SMTP Port 465

SMTP Host smpt.gmail.com

SMTP Username email@mydomain.com

SMTP Password mypasswordformynewemail


I am getting the following error

Email Sending Failed - SMTP connect() failed. https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer/wiki/Troubleshooting (Subject: Confirm Your Registration)


This is using G suite on my domain

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Hey @Encrypted

The settings we recommend are:

mail method --> SMTP
PORT 465
host: smtp.gmail.com
Type: SSL

We've also found App Passwords need to be used  So, you have to login to your G Suite account and click on MyAccount.  Then go to Sign-In & Security, and under App Passwords, you will want to create a password there.  It'll give you a password to use instead of your own password, so that it knows you are using an app connection.

This thread should help


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