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A number of searches on here and on Google haven't given me the response I'm trying to find, so think this may be a newly posed query (which I struggle to believe!).

My client John has two team members, one of whom is particularly IT-challenged 😂 In WHMCS I have John as the main client contact and two additional contacts created for his team. Is there a way to ensure that tickets are sent *to* the individual who the ticket has been raised for whilst *ccing* the main contact, rather than having John being *to'd* on each and every email?

Yes he'll want to know what's going on, but only by way of CC - I know a lot of people pay more attention where they are in the 'to' field versus being in the 'cc'.


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Hello @thisismatt,

Thanks for reaching out to the WHMCS Community. Unfortunately, the functionality you're looking for here is not something that is currently offered by WHMCS.

However I can see how ensuring the contact who raised a ticket is used as the To contact and the main contact, simply CC'd instead could be useful.  Therefore I would encourage you to please submit a request to our feature requests tracker where other users can contribute to and vote on your idea. Ideas with the most votes and activity do get reviewed by our team.


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