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How To Change Client and Admin Roles

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I have Project Management Add On installed.

I want to know how to change the role of a client who registered on my WHMCS via the standard way a client would be registering?

How do I mark them as a certain role group?

Ultimately, my goal is to try to open a project, and then the only thing is I don't want the client to see the worker on the ticket, I want those tickets by the worker to be hidden from view of the client, but I want the ticket to be associated with the project still.

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You can change client groups via the client's profile page, but not sure that is what you meant.

If you don't want a client to be able to read the ticket that is associated with a project, one method would be to use separate ticket and not assigned that ticket to the client but that isn't streamlined really.  You could do use ClientAreaPageViewTicket and maybe throw an exception but that isn't the best as it will show a general error message.   You could do a redirect on ClientAreaPageViewTicket to the tickets list.

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