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A couple mobile theme things with 7.7

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Hey, love the new upgrade, especially the hidden captcha!

I just have two things not working too well on the default mobile theme. I have a full updated IPhone xs, and it does both things with chrome and safari.

1. When I try to create, suspend, or unsuspend a domain in the account section it pops up a dark gray screen asking to approve it but the buttons are not available to click at that point.  (Image gray)

2. The search bar doesn't go away and covers up several icons. I think it is suppose to just pop up when you click the search icon but for me it's always there. (Image search)




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Hi @Web Host Pro,

Thanks for your report. We've been able to reproduce the issue with the search bar, and have case CORE-13112 open to look at that.


I wasn't able to reproduce a problem on the service suspension modal however, I tried in both Firefox and Chrome.

It looks like you might have a customised admin area template though. Do you see the same behaviour when using the stock "Blend" admin template?



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