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Can you add a subscription ID manually?

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Hi all,

I am quite new to WHMCS and just have a question regarding the Subscription ID under the client profile. If I am understanding correctly depending on your payment gateway a subscription ID will be returned from your payment gateway provider which will be populated within the client profile.

I recently created a new client (which is me, for testing purposes) and signed up for a new domain and hosting package. Everything got setup perfectly regarding the domain and hosting package.

Regarding the billing I enabled "test mode"/sandbox mode within my payment gateway so send through test transactions. Everything worked fine. Now that testing is done my payment gateway is set to process actual transaction. 

I noticed that my "test account" was not billed in WHMCS, I believe the reason for this is due to the fact that there was No Subscription ID that was added/ returned from my payment gateway into WHMCS. This I believe was due to my payment gateway being set to test mode/sandbox mode. 

To rectify this I manually created an invoice for the client (which is me) in WHMCS, clicked on pay invoice and went through the payment process and did a real transaction. Everything worked great, I could see my bank account was debited and my payment gateway shows that the payment has been received


no subscription ID was returned to WHMCS, meaning WHMCS doesn't know that the order was paid. When I went to the dashboard on my payment gateways website I saw that no subscription I has been recorded for my test account in WHMCS. 

So now I want to find out is there a way for me to manually add a subscription ID into WHMCS? I presume the answer is yes, but, I will need to get this ID from the payment gateway, correct?

Thanks in advance for the assistance!! 

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Personally do not use the subscriptions, presuming we're talking about paypal subscriptions, because of issues in the past with them.  However, I believe the Subscription ID field under the service detail page in the WHMCS admin is for this purpose.   So if you enter an ID there, it should then use that for the payments in the future.  With that said, if you are indeed using Paypal subscriptions and using WHMCS 7.7, you will want to ensure you have the hotfix for paypal subscriptions and whmcs 7.7 not working as expected. 


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Hi @steven99

Thank you for you reply.

So I am not making use of PayPal, I am however making use of a gateway provider based in South Africa which only offers subscription ID / token ID based payments.  In regards to the Subscription ID payment method why don't you recommend making use of this? Can you suggest any other way of doing the billing? I presume this does depend on your payment gateway provider. 


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My dislike for subscriptions comes from using Paypal subscriptions and issues with payments not being recorded by WHMCS and another billing system years ago and so swear to never use them again.  Also when customers cancel their account, they need to also cancel the subscription or you need to on your side.   Again at least with Paypal.

What payment provider are you using?  Is the gateway you're using a built-in or a custom one?  

Also, check under the "Credit card info" page in the client summary page to see if a gatewayid value was stored there instead of the subscription id. 

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I am using a South African payment gateway provider named, PayFast

I would presume it's a custom one as it's not part of the predefined list within WHMCS

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