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ClientX - Version 1.0.8 Released

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We have just released a new version (1.0.8) of our ClientX. This new release brings in Some New Features, Improvements and Bugs Fixing. Kindly have a look at the changelog: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/clientarea-template/clientx/


New Feature:

1). Announcement section added on client area homepage. It can now be managed from addon module.


Bug Fixing:

1). Payment gateway images not coming while uploading it according to gateway name. > Fixed

2). Some of Sidebar icon miss while changing the URL from address bar. >Fixed

3). Blank Page coming up while activating and deactivating in addon module. > Fixed

4). Date sorting in service list page, domain list page, invoice list page, quotes list page, email list page and support ticket list page is not working properly. > Fixed

5). Client subcontact detail is not updating. > Fixed

6). On checkout page social media sign in button is not coming up. > Fixed



1). On Register page "SIGN UP" and "LOGIN" button text can now be changed according to language variable.

2). Client menu My Emails, Security Settings and Logout text can now be changed according to language variable.

3). All Bootstrap data table pages info text, Next and Previous Button can now be changed to language variables.

4). On product listing page "Domains" text can now be changed according to language variable.

5). Billing Cycle text can now be changed according to language variables and price is shown only with currency prefix. Now price will be shown in both currency prefix and suffix.

6). Remove text coming dynamically in register domain page can now be changed according to language variable.

7). By default no sorting is there in service list page, domain list page, invoice list page, quotes list page, email list page and support ticket list page when page load first time.





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