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CodeGuard in MarketConnect - Share Your Experience

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Hi testers!

One of the new features added in WHMCS 7.7 Beta 1 is automated provisioning of CodeGuard Website Backup services through MarketConnect. During the pre-release testing we want to hear about your experiences with this service.

Some potential starting points for discussion are:

  • Do the landing pages make the service on offer clear?
  • Do the service tiers on offer meet your customer's needs?
  • Did the automated provisioning process complete successfully?
  • Was manual configuration required? Were the manual steps from the welcome email clear?
    • What server module are you using?
  • Was the backup process configured successfully? Were any errors encountered at the CodeGuard side?

In addition to resolving any errors which might occur, understanding any pain points is of particular interest to us. Your input will help us tweak messaging in the product or documentation and publish support articles.

Thanks for your help in the pre-release testing!

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Hi John,

I have here some points which irritate me a little bit.

On the beautiful shiny product page which is once again extremely great and easy to translate.


For testing purposes, we have of course chosen the Lite version with 1GB, which should be enough for testing.

Now we have chosen the CG - Dashboard as our target on our product page.
Once there we wanted to download and test the WP Addon and oh what a surprise this is no longer possible because we only have one page to manage,
but on the order page, there was no question if we would like to store a Web space or a WP instance.


That brings me right to the next problem, which is the nice link in the error message.


I had mistakenly assumed that the customer would land back on my site to order his upgrade because the original order was placed through my page. 



Nice upselling for CodeGuard bad for me (and WHMCS ?)

In my opinion, a pure WHMCS implemented solution should be offered. Why do our customers always have to make settings on foreign dashboards does CG not have an API library?


As so often it took more time to write this experience than this 5min test of an addon which I will never offer to my customers.

Thanks and best regards 




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Hi @wp4all,

Thanks for your help in pre-release testing this feature.

We are checking with CodeGuard what the expected workflow is for using the WordPress integration.

The system should also be redirecting to your WHMCS installation for the upgrade. So we're looking into that too.

Please keep the feedback coming!

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