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New domain assigned sometimes to registrar "none"

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Sometimes it happens that the order for a new domain, to be registered, is processed regularly, but the registrar assigned to that TLD (regularly configured) is not assigned to the domain, so the order is approved, closed, but the domain keeps on hanging, with registrar set to "none".

  • it happens for different TLDs, managed by different registrar modules; so, I guess, it's not a registrar module bug
  • when in the same order there's more than one domain, this affect all the domains included in the same order
  • it affects roughly 1% or so of the operations; so it happens that I receive 50 different orders for 70 domains, that are processed regularly, and then a single one order for 2 domains is affected by this issue
  • no error messages, no alerts, no pending module actions...

It's annoying because the only way to see it is the customer's ticket ("why my domain has not been registered yet?"), or going regularly on  /admin/clientsdomainlist.php looking for any domain with registrar set to "none" (note: in search/filter option the "none" value is used for "any", so this filter does not works... :-(


Anyone is experiencing this same issue?

Any idea about what may it be related to?


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I reply on my own: the issue was in configuration, about following parameters:

Only Auto Provision for Existing Tick this box to always leave orders by new clients pending for manual review (no auto setup/registration)

The "manual review" means that you are required not just to accept the order to change it from "pending" to "active", but also review and process it manually... 😞


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When accepting the order manually, there should be a drop down menu for you to select which registrar to use.  It is similar to the menu to select which server to use for a hosting account.   Just ensure staff processing checks that menu before accepting and you should be set. 

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