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I can't seem to find anything about the knowledgebase in the API, is it only possible to retrieve it using a direct connection to the mysql database?

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Just use what is already available and find a creative way to recycle it.

There is a helpful snippet of code that is used in \templates\six\supportticketsubmit-steptwo.tpl file.

<div id="autoAnswerSuggestions" class="well hidden"></div>

\templates\six\js\whmcs.js and whmcs.js

 * Get automatic knowledgebase suggestions for support ticket message.
var lastTicketMsg;
function getTicketSuggestions() {
    var userMsg = jQuery("#inputMessage").val();
    if (userMsg != lastTicketMsg && userMsg != '') {
        jQuery.post("submitticket.php", { action: "getkbarticles", text: userMsg },
            function (data) {
                if (data) {
                    if (!jQuery("#autoAnswerSuggestions").is(":visible")) {
        lastTicketMsg = userMsg;
    setTimeout('getTicketSuggestions()', 3000);

Happy New year buddy...

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