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WHMCS Will Not Create Website

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My name is Jonathan and I am creating a small hosting business that I call ISODME. (https://www.isodme.com/). I have installed WHMCS on the subdomain, https://buy.isodme.com/index.php.

I am using the control panel, Webmin/Virtualmin (GPL version), and I want to offer free hosting plans.

In order to be competitive with other hosting providers, it is necessary to have an automated purchasing system. I would place an order and it would show as pending. I would like to eliminate the human part of this to have instant signup/registration for a free website.

I've tried to use the Jetserver AutoAcceptOrders Hook. (https://github.com/Jetserver/WHMCS-Auto-Accept-Orders/blob/master/jetserver_AutoAcceptOrders.php)

I have set up WHMCS to automatically create a Virtualmin account immediately after placing an order. However, my error is that if hook runs with "autosetup => true", two virtualmin accounts are created. If I run it with "autosetup => false" then the order does automatically get accepted but a virtualmin account isn't created.

I do not see any errors regarding this in the system activity log.

Please help. 




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