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allow admins to default to searching inactive

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We access inactive accounts more frequently than we do our active accounts! It would be a real hassle to need to set the 'search inactive too' flag every time we log in. Please ensure there's an option for people to continue with the current behaviour.

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Hi @WH user,

Thanks for your feedback during pre-release testing.

I'd like to understand your specific use-case a little better; can you provide some insight into why there is a need to search inactive clients so often?

If you're finding that clients are becoming inactive too soon, a tweak to the Setup > Automation Settings might serve you better.

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Hi John, we use WHMCS as both a billing and a support ticketing system. We've done heavy API integration - e.g. when a user creates an account in our system, an account is automatically created in WHMCS for them. We have lots of users with group plans, e.g. one user with a subscription in WHMCS might also mean that 100 other "inactive" users have a subscription. We accept support tickets & provide direct customer support to every end user, even though many of the end users have someone else paying for them.

The "inactive/active" distinction works fine for us with our current automation settings when what we are looking for is knowing "who is a direct paying customer", but that's not the full story for us.

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