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Excessive CC payment reminders

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I have a client that's sometimes late paying, but it's a known thing and we've discussed it with them. Recently he's had an invoice for a credit card payment (none on file) go overdue, and it generated the usual 1/2/3 reminders. As of a few days ago, however, it's sending payment reminders every single day since it's past the 3rd reminder and he's still not handled it. I feel that's excessive, but can't find where that can be adjusted or stopped. Aside from changing the payment method on the account, can this be adjusted at all?

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Looks like this setting under automation may stop the attempts:
"Attempt Only Once    Tick this box to only attempt the payment automatically once and if it fails, don't attempt it again"

But that raises a question as to why it only allows you to make one attempt, and no way to try a second time without it doing so repeatedly without end, assuming this was causing it.

Reading more carefully, the docs explain the somewhat ambiguous wording in the admin interface, and setting the "Enter the number of weeks to retry failed CC processing attempts for weekly" is not for weekly hosting periods, but how many weeks it should make the attempt. IMHO, that "for weekly" bit should be removed.
Problem solved. 

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