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I'm having issues with cron. Get the following errors in WHMCS

System Cron Tasks
The system cron does not appear to have completed successfully within the last 24 hours.
I ran this: 
php -q /home/USER/public_html/portal/crons/cron.php all --force -vvv

No issues and cron did its job.. But the next day, i get the same error above.


** System **

I have full root access.

cPanel/WHM - 76.0.12

WHMCS - 7.6.1

PHP 7.2 

 ionCube PHP Loader (enabled) - v10.2.4



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Hey Darren,

When you ran the force cron command, did it fully complete? Did you try enabling Display Errors and running the command to see if any errors come up?

It is also good to check your cron in your control panel to ensure it is running every 5 minutes. Some crons are only running once a day which can cause the daily cron tasks to not complete properly.

Another possible issue could be a time zone conflict. If you navigate to Setup > Automation Settings in your WHMCS admin area, the time in the green box should be within 5 minutes of the time in the upper right hand corner of your admin area. If it's not, this could mean your cron is not set to run every 5 minutes, or that there is a time zone conflict.

If you're still having issues after checking these things, feel free to open a ticket with us including your WHMCS admin and control panel logins. Our staff will be happy to take a look.

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Posted (edited)

I'm having this exact same issue, except the PHP version is 7.0.
This is on a multi-php server, and the default is php 5.6, and this site was changed to php 7.0. As soon as that was done, the daily task fails via cron, though all other tasks work and running the cron via CLI completes without error. It worked fine on 5.6. The cron does appear to be calling the 5.6 php.ini file, but since it worked then, that shouldn't make any difference. I think.

Puzzling. Ticket in. 

Edited by bear

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Try this ->

Login to cpanel > go to crons > then use this cron below

Change USER and WHMCS to your cPanel user and WHMCS install folder.

/usr/local/bin/ea-php70 -q /home/USER/public_html/WHMCS/crons/cron.php




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