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We sell and manage dedicated servers and we are looking for a way to add service passwords to a product.  These can vary, its not a fixed set.  Root of course, but sometimes there is a mysql passowrd, a FTP password, perhaps a phpmyadmin login, a control panel login, etc.

We tried using the modulesgarden password manager, but its layout and display is illogical.  it seems like the best way to go about it would be to list the passwords on the product page itself for the passwords related to that product.

Is anyone doing something like that and if so how are you accomplishing this?  I suppose we could add custom fields to the product, but we'd have to add fields for every conceivable login, and only use the ones that are pertinent, but that means listing a bunch of empty fields.

Hoping for some ideas!

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If you don't want a bunch of empty fields you can create a custom table in database where you can save as many password as you need.

Each password is linked to your product by tblhosting.id and has a "category" column where you freely specify password type (eg. Root, phpMyAdmin, FTP, Wordpress...).

You can populate this table with AfterModuleCreate hook, by cron or something similar.

The last part is showing these passwords to admins and clients. In both cases you have multiple options.

For admins you could inject a button "Show Passwords" directly on products view (WHMCS backend). On click open a modal or display an hidden div where you list all passwords. You could also create an addon module to view, search and manage passwords if needed.

For clients you can use a similar approach in clientarea adding your additional data to product page.

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