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Cyber Monday Deal Arrived – Launch into Open Source Software!

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This year during the Cyber Monday event we decided to shine a special spotlight on our decoded products.

Do you have your eyes set on any particular open source tool already?

Cyber Monday 2018 - ModulesGarden

Be quick and order it before the end of 28th November to get the enormous 25% discount!

Have multiple items in mind? The more the merrier! Make it an investment and save ¼ on each ordered product – such a chance may not repeat itself soon!  

Tap Into Cyber Monday Savings!

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    • By ModulesGarden
      The most spine-tingling bargain of the year is here!
      We guarantee no one will leave our Black Friday party without an immense 25% discount on all annual licenses of WHMCS modules.
      The temptation to enrich your software infrastructure at such a favorable price will be simply too strong! 😉

      Are you more into the modules' open source version? We have something extra for you as well!
      Soon we will release the details of our tremendous Cyber Monday Promotion so keep your eyes peeled because it will be devoted to unencrypted software exclusively!
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