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Billing cycle invoice question

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If a client has the "quarterly" billing cycle and we disabled the pricing for that cycle, what happens when the time comes to generate an invoice for that client if he still has "quarterly" selected on his product/service? Will he get an invoice for 3 months again and again and WHMCS will calculate the quarterly price based on the monthly price we setup or will he get a 0 EUR invoice because Quarterly is disabled, so it doesn't have a price?

Thank you

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As long as you don't tick Auto Recalculate on Save, the client in question should receive his "quarterly" invoice with Recurring Amount.

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What @Kian said is absolutely correct. The invoice is generated on the basis of the value of the "Recurring Amount" field on the service/product page. So even if that particular cycle is disabled, WHMCS will generate the invoice using the amount configured as "Recurring Amount" for that service. Hope it clears it up a little. 

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