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Change WHMCS template according to my website.

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I want to make whmcs template match with my website. I want to keep header footer same as my original website. So It must look a part of my website.
I tried to add styling in custom.cs file but it does not work for me! The website is made on WordPress.

Also where we can get the whmcs template file?
If anyone knows the right solution for this please assist me on the right track.



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First off if possible don't use WP + WHMCS. You can get the same results directly with WHMCS. Having to deal with 2 separate systems is a time consuming activity. You have to maintain both them, you double the risks, it's unintuitive since you'll have two separate admin interface & database. Last but no least you are forced to keep both templates to look the same. Anyway this is my personal opinion.

If you want to use WP + WHMCS, you can make them look the same by editing head, header, footer template files and playing with CSS. Here you can find the documentation. There are also plenty of threads on this community with tutorials. Keep in mind that it could be a quite long process if you are not familiar with WHMCS, CSS and Smarty but it's doable. Skilled people usually need 1-2 hours to get pretty decent results.

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I am a bit familiar with CSS and WHMCS but have no idea what smarty is.
Also, can you provide me a link to video tutorials, I have read the documentation but it didn't help me.

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