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Forget to add the Cron Job in Cpanel and now ?!

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Hello everyone, 

Well i forget to put the Cron Job task in my Cpanel runing every 5 minutes so, and now after 2 month many invoices as not sent and not due or generated automatically ,the right question is how can i generate all the invoices the cron task usually create for all clients ?  Because now all the 2 month automatic invoices is not here only the transaction ID from PayPal and CoinGate, but the invoice is not created/generated by the automatic system and i have more than two thousand clients so how can i generate again all invoice and put all has payed marked pay and others unpaid if unpaid ? 


I only found this issue after 2 month so now i many "automatic" invoice is not here, there is a way to generate all invoice again ? and mark payed if the transaction is on that month, or a smiliar way ? 

Very Important

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I also can see the money from subscrition is added to the whmcs client "wallet" or client balance account 

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@Screamfox if you run your cron this will generate the invoices for you, enabling continuous invoice generating under Setup > General Settings > Invoicing will allow you to  generate all the invoices in a single run, the cron should use the credit in the clients wallet to mark the invoices as paid 

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@WHMCS ChrisD Working like a charm :) thank you so much. 

Invoices is now generating automatically and old is here again :) like invoices issued in October is appearing now :) 


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