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We just finished updating the WS Agree Terms v5.1.1 to work on WHMCS v7.5.1 and PHP 7.1 & 7.2

Find out more about WS Agree Terms from WHMCS

Screenshot: Click Here

Sale Price:
Owned License: $21.99 USD Click Here

Click Here To View All WHMCS Addons By WHMCSServices

Do You Need Custom Development? Click Here

Looking for help with WHMCS?
We also provide WHMCS Themes, WHMCS installation, WHMCS configuration & WHMCS integration services.

Latest Release:
Phone Verification 1.7.1
GDPR Tools 1.0.2
Auto Product Upgrade 1.0.1
PayPal Advanced Gateway 1.1.1
SMS Manager 6.1.0

Coming Soon:
DomainsBot 2.0.0
Intuit Merchant Gateway 1.0.1
OnePageCheckout 1.0.0

Our Social Media:
WHMCSServices on Twitter

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Fixed Problem with domain registration terms
Fixed WHMCS 7.6 template

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Added Admin area print and email client buttons
Added Display date, time and IP info on every page with page numbers
Added Generating PDF file on print
Fixed View Cart

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Fixed IP address and agree date added to email template
Fixed Long terms not sending email



Fixed Using PDF Font Family WHMCS added to module
Fixed Date format problem
Fixed Unicode Characters Problem

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      At this point we would like to introduce our AV Contract module. The AV Contract Module (AV for the german "Auftragsdatenverarbeitung") offers you the opportunity to provide your customers with the Order Data Processing Contract, which since the GDPR is mandatory in many areas, directly via the customer area.
      Workflow with this module:
      The workflow with this module is simple. In the admin area you have the possibility to deposit your contract text in several languages. For this you have variables such as for the customer name, customer address etc. available.
      The customer can then go to the customer area on the module page and generate the contract as a PDF. Depending on how you want it, the contract with the PDF generation is immediately valid or the customer sends you the signed form per support ticket.
      In the admin area, you then have the option of confirming the receipt of the PDF and see which customer has generated a contract.
      Order Data Processing Contract generation via the customer area Variables such as date, name and address are available for the contract text Editor for the formatting of the contract text Template System for Header / Footer of the PDF Overview of when which customer has generated the contract, with possibility to deposit the contract Option that the generation of the contract = contract is, if you want to work without a signature Both admin and customer can download the generated PDF at any time in their area Option to send emails when the receipt of the signed contract has been confirmed (email template customizable) Option that the admin will get an e-mail if the customer has deleted a contract (so that he can note this in his documents, for example) For WHMCS 7.2 – 7.5 For PHP 5.6 – 7.2 (need IonCube Loader 10.2) Interested? Then test the module with our free trial version. Details about the module can be found here:
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