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override language on a particular theme

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Hello WHMCS Community!

I'm having a little challenge on a custom theme. I need to override some translations in a specific theme through the language file.

This need is to be able to meet the need of the theme in changing words in the translation that help the user in the products that will be displayed in this theme, but this could not change the standard translation used in other WHMCS themes.

Is it possible to create a translation file that is used only on a specific theme?

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8 hours ago, bellafronte said:

Is it possible to create a translation file that is used only on a specific theme?

I think that you might be overcomplicating this - if you have a custom theme, surely you can specify which language string to use in the appropriate template... :?:

if it's a variable that WHMCS generates itself from existing language strings, then that could be manipulated either in the template or via an action hook - there will certainly be more viable options other than creating a custom override file for a specific theme.

it would be useful to see an example of what you mean. :idea:

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