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Develop Stellar Customer Relationships With CRM For WHMCS 2.5.0!

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1. How many times did you forget a meeting with a client or sending an email of critical importance? Human mind is fallible and for this reason cannot be trusted implicitly when the future of your company is at stake. Just a few moments ago we released a perked-up version of our flagship CRM For WHMCS module – the tool designed to make your client management a smooth sailing. 

Once you reap the benefits of this landmark 2.5.0 version, you will also be able to: 

  • Assign clients to the created labels on a Kanban board by means of an extremely convenient drag & drop functionality. 
  • Lay down the rules to automatically convert a contact from one type to another and send reminders via email or SMS.
  • Preview the full history of exchanged emails and text messages with a client in the 'Emails' tab of a contact view.

It is time to bring the endless comfort of this modern tool straight into your customer relationships management flow.  Look into the remaining changes more closely and  update the module now! 

Learn More About CRM For WHMCS 2.5.0!


2. Developer Outsourcing service which has entered ModulesGarden offer for good is based on the principle that when it comes to software & business development, there is no room for concessions and half-way solutions. Just think about it. 

What do you expect from a developer when hiring him/her to do some development work for you? We bet that no matter what the assignment is – a complex system built from scratch or minor optimization tweaks – the expectations are always the same. Meaning: excellent technical skills and know-how, reasonable ETA, and probably most pressing of all – the solution measuring up to your every requirement.

By signing a simple contract of partnership with our company, you will unlock for yourself access to all of the above premium benefits and much, much more. Delve into the mysteries of our brand-new Developer Outsourcing service and tell us what we can do for you! 
Let's get your business on top – together!



Need Custom Software Development For Your Business?

Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!

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      I'd like to sell domains with different price and currency for customers who visit from outside my country.
      I'm thinking to use OrderDomainPricingOverride hook to change price for non local customers, I plan to differ local and non local customers by their IP. But before I start, thought to ask here, maybe there's a better built in way of doing it that I couldn't find.
      I see I can add another currency to WHMCS but it says:  Customers who visit your site can then choose to shop in their local currency.
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      I want my Client Area to be Georgian.
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      Running your own company can be as lucrative as it can be challenging.
      Always-busy schedule, myriad of issues calling your immediate attention, and to top it all – sundry problems of technical nature popping up when you expect them the least.
      If you feel like these small tasks start to build up and prevent your business from spreading its wings, perhaps it is time to embrace some help? 
      Reaching out to an outside company for assistance is not necessarily a sign of weakness. Quite the contrary – it only proves how serious your approach to your business goals is. 

      If you are one of these self-aware business owners who see clearly the potential of professional advice and technical aid, discover our spic-and-span Developer Outsourcing service! 
      By establishing with us a long-term partnership, you will be entitled to a wide range of exclusive services including: assignment of our finest developers to your specific tasks, priority technical support, regular updates and maintenance of your software, and a whole lot more. 
      Read more about our out-of-the-box approach to software development and give your enterprise the upper hand it both craves and deserves! 
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