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whmcs client Domain Info not showing with Resellerclub inbuilt domain module

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Hello Guys, Hope you doing well.

I am facing one issue, client registered a domain.  we using a resellerclub reseller account to register the domains. but after registration in Client Profile - Domain Section, there is domain info is empty. can anyone tell, how to get sync with resellerclub. or how to fix it.

Screenshots to understand - 

Showing - https://snag.gy/JOi4Rg.jpg

Not Showing - https://snag.gy/ITwXgY.jpg





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The screenshot "showing" is from our registrar module while the other screenshot is from the WHMCS Resellerclub module which doesn't show these and other details.


If you see the nameservers, then the WHMCS module works correctly.


Hope this helps.


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