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The Subscription ID cancel subscription button says An Error Occurred Subscription Cancellation Failed

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When  I try to cancel a Paypal subscription with the Subscription ID cancel subscription button on the product page it always:

An Error Occurred
Subscription Cancellation Failed

Yet I can issue refunds and everything is connected correctly with Paypal.

Gateway log:

TIMESTAMP => 2018-05-14T17:45:22Z
CORRELATIONID => Numbers and letters are here
ACK => Failure
VERSION => 3.0
BUILD => 39949200
L_ERRORCODE0 => 11552
L_SHORTMESSAGE0 => Invalid profile ID
L_LONGMESSAGE0 => The profile ID is invalid

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    • By Web Host Pro
      Not sure what caused it but new accounts are not getting a call back from Paypal saying the payment is made.
      In WHMCS it says: (Please ensure Instant Payment Notification (IPN) is enabled under Selling Preferences within your PayPal account leaving the Notification URL empty. For new PayPal Accounts this is enabled by default.)
      But in Paypal when I try to leave it blank it says: You must enter a properly formatted URL into the Notification URL field in order to activate Instant Payment Notification.
      And adds our URL: https://webhost.pro
      But I think this is just a doc error because it was like this before and worked fine.
      Any other ideas why the Call Back would stop working for new accounts? Recurring billing calls back fine.
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      Hi Guys,
      We have a number of people which have an issue with duplicate charges. Could you please advise?
      Here is the issue. For example, a user has an active Automatic Payment on PayPal for 25th of each month but he pays the invoice manually on the 21st following month. Now the automatic payment should bypass and not be charging the client anymore for that particular invoice as the invoice is already paid BUT it does charge the client's account. So 2 charges occur.
      There are no error logs which I could relate it to this duplicate charges in the Gateway logs. Could you please advise?
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      We just finished updating the PayPal Extended to v4.0.0 to work on WHMCS v7.4 and PHP 7
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      Is it possible to add another paypal account? I have some clients who will like to pay via paypal, but in Euros, our main account accepts payments in USD only. So we were thinking if it was possible to add another paypal gateway to WHMCS?
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