Hi, just try to translate the Market Place Promo Pages which is really horrible . This post helps a lot thanks to Brian for his work --> https://whmcs.community/topic/272661-marketplace-modules-languages-files/?tab=comments#comment-1245201 Unfortunately, I can't post under the original article therefor I open a new one. I try to translate this part http://prntscr.com/j1tord I know I have to start here : div class="additional-options"> {foreach $productOptions as $productKey => $options} <div class="option options-{$productKey}"> {foreach $options as $option} <label class="checkbox-inline"> <input type="checkbox" name="options" value="{$option.product}"> {$option.description} {lang key="store.emailServices.for"} <span>{lang key="store.emailServices.just"} {$option.pricing->toFullString()} {lang key="store.emailServices.more"}</span> </label><br> {foreachelse} None available {/foreach} </div>   The replace - code is : {if $LANG.store.emailServices.label.{$XXXXX|replace:' ':''|replace:'.':''|strtolower}}{$LANG.store.emailServices.label.{$XXXXX|replace:' ':''|replace:'.':''|strtolower}}{else}{$XXXXX}{/if}     My $_LANG string are : $_LANG['store']['emailServices']['label']['addoutgoingfiltering'] = "Ausgehendes Filtern"; $_LANG['store']['emailServices']['label']['addincomingarchiving'] = "Eingehendes Archivieren"; $_LANG['store']['emailServices']['label']['addoutgoingfiltering&archiving'] = "Ausgehendes Filtern & Archivieren"; I would assume to replace $productKey but the array that needs to be replaced is {$option.description}. Anybody an idea how i need to go forward ?   Thanks and best regards  Christian