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PayPal Pro (UK Based)

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Hi, quick question on PayPal pro which I am confused about! 

PayPal Pro its is a monthly fee of £20 + transaction charges. (I already run 2 online retail sites using PayPal Pro so I am aware of this (Zen cart & OpenCart)).

But when I went to apply for a paypal pro account for the hosting business, I was told that it was £40 pcm..?

When I queried why, I was told it was £20pcm for the PayPal Pro account and an additional £20pcm to keep the customer on the whmcs website...
The sales guy had no answer why this was only £20pcm for paypal pro 'onsite' transactions on a zen cart and an open cart websites, and it was £40pcm on a WHMCS site...

Anyone else experienced this? is this correct?

Thanks, Mac

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In my experience, PayPal's commercial policies are quite confused, and sometimes seems randomized too... >:(

I.e., PayPal pro in not available in every european country; and if you ask "why" 10 times, you'll get 10 different answers... :wall1:

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